Hey, I'm Karalyn!

I am a live music and portrait photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, from Pennsylvania and New York. For the past seven years, I have focused on documenting the music scene and people regardless of genre, race, sexuality, or gender identity. 

Since early 2022, I have worked bicoastal pop rock band Fernway. We’ve been out on tour a few times and I assist with social media, show booking, and other tasks as needed.  

I am the owner of For The Punks, a music/art magazine and resource for fans and creators to connect and grow together. I established this website in August of 2019. 

To contact me, email hello[@]karalynhope.com. I am open to opportunities in the photo/video world along with social media, merchandise, and tour management. 


Booking 2024 tours for photo/video/merch!

Photo & video: tours, live shows, BTS music videos or studio sessions, band promos, senior portraits, couple portraits, merchandise promo, single/album artwork, and more!

Art & design: show posters, tour admats, zines, magazines, single/album artwork, and more!

Click here for touring history.