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My Top Ten Photographs Of 2020 And The Stories Behind Them

2020 was a tough year, we all know that. From shows to portrait sessions and to photographs around my house, I was lucky enough to be able to pick up my camera a few times. I also spent some time looking at and re-editing photos from past years. Not only did I have fun looking back at old memories, I saw improvement in my skills in both photography, art, and design. 

My Top Ten Images Of 2020 And The Stories Behind Them

Throughout the year, I really tried to focus on color images. I still love black and white, and a few of my favorite images of the year happen to be in black and white, but there is just something about color images I love.

Along with photography, I really worked on improving my art and design skills both with pen and paper and programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. My art and design page highlights almost everything I did this year. If you are interested, you can hire me for your next project!

With that being said, these are my top images of the year. These photos aren’t in any specific order, as it was too hard to rank. I hope you enjoy! 

1. ‘Folklore’ Inspired Session with Olivia Marie

I worked with so many wonderful people this year but this photo session with Olivia has to be my all time favorite session. It didn’t start off 100% inspired by Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore, trust me. We took photos with skates, flowers, and even with a bra burning. At some point during the session, it rained. We didn’t take any photos in the rain but when we saw the fog form on the hill, we knew that we had to capture some photos. Turns out, some of the photos perfectly captured the Folklore vibe. 

2. Around the House Studies: Part 1 of 3

We lost a lot of things this year, including my favorite one of all: the live music and entertainment industry. I went from going to at least one show a week (sometimes more) to none. Just like that. To pass the time and to experiment more, I started a small ‘Around the House Studies’ series that highlights items in my house. Between books, fruit, plants, and more this was a small series that, in a way, helped fill the gap of no shows. 

3. David P., NEB Senior Session

I love working with seniors. From capturing their last year of school to capturing their personalities and goals, there is something about senior sessions that I love. In this senior session, we used one of David’s favorite cars and suits at a nearby gas station. It was my first time taking pictures with a car and I don’t think it will be my last! 

4. Natalie & Evan Fall Couple Photos

In October I was at at school. I didn’t have many chances to go out and take pictures, honestly. When Natalie asked me to do some couple photos, I couldn’t say no. It was a ton of fun capturing their personality as a couple within the fall leaves! I cannot wait for my next couple session. 

5. Around the House Studies: Part 2 of 3

For one of my photo classes, we had to capture photos in both black and white and in color. Even though this photo of the two cows was not turned in as my final, I still love it. I remember driving around and finding these cows out of their fenced in area. I had to stop and take some pictures not only because of their pose but because of the open field and lighting. 

6. Coasting On Potential: BTS of ‘In Misery’ Music Video

One of the first things I did this year, and probably my favorite of all, was be on set for the recording of Coasting On Potential’s ‘In Misery’ music video. Even though it was cold, it was such a wonderful time capturing images! You can watch the video for ‘In Misery’ here. I hope in 2021 that I will be given the chance to do more BTS images like this. 

7. Johnny & the Man Kids at BJs

Like I said previously, we lost a lot of things this year including the live music and entertainment industry. I was lucky enough to attend a few shows between January and early March, both with and without my camera. This photo of the drummer from Johnny & the Man Kids has got to be in my top five drummer images. Not only do I enjoy the colors, I love the reflection in the mirror. 

8. Dan W., NEB Senior Session

Along with David’s senior session, I worked with Dan to capture photos of his final year of high school. We took photos around a pond, in the woods, and just simply on his porch steps. Out of all of the images that I have taken this year, this has to be one of my favorites. We met up to take pictures when the sun was setting, during the ‘golden hour’ (my favorite time to take pictures). The lighting during this photo was just perfect, in my opinion. It really helps make the photo. 

9. Around the House Studies: Part 3 of 3

I ended the year at home with my family. The holidays were a little different this year but I still had a chance to bake some cookies. This photo is a wrap of my ‘Around the House Studies’ series that I worked on all year. I really hope I can do some more cookie making sessions soon, both in my house and with other families! It is a ton of fun and perfect for holiday cards.  

10. Second Suitor at BJs

This Second Suitor show at BJs was another show I was lucky to attend with my camera. I just love the pose and colors of this image. Taking photos at BJs can be really difficult so I’m happy to be able to capture such wonderful show memories. It really shows the character of James and the character and vibe of Second Suitor. I also remember this show being the night of a bad snow storm- it was just so windy and cold! 

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed looking back at 2020 with me. I know it is something we might not want to do, but I think my accomplishments, including yours, are worth celebrating. Honestly.

What is your favorite image from these ten? Let me know in the comments below!

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