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Hey there!

Hey there!

From light, natural, airy portraits to eye-catching live music photos, I am a self-taught photographer that truly has one goal: to help you capture your memories and showcase your accomplishment. 

On top of capturing those memories, I understand how difficult visuals can be, whether you are a photographer or a band. I’m here to help you create visuals that will not only help you stand out but help you feel confident and gain listeners and clients. 

Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions are such a lovely way to celebrate yourself, your significant other, and more. My photo collections start at $125. These collections are great for:

  • Seniors
  • Couples
  • Branding sessions (business owners, photographers, etc.)
  • Prom & homecoming
  • Styled & creative sessions

Music Sessions

Visuals in the music industry are important. I want to help you stand out and meet new fans! These music sessions start at $75 per band. This is great for an artist looking for coverage at:

  • Live shows
  • Tours
  • Music video BTS
  • Studio recording sessions
  • Album + single artwork
  • Promotion pictures 

Music Sessions

Visuals in the music industry are important. I want to help you stand out and meet new fans! These music sessions start at $75 per band. This is great for an artist looking for coverage at:

  • Live shows
  • Tours
  • Music video BTS
  • Studio recording BTS
  • Album + single artwork
  • Promotion pictures

Meet Karalyn

Meet Karalyn

Hey, what’s up? I’m Karalyn Hope. I’m an event and portrait photographer from Northeast Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. Depending on my school schedule, I even find myself in Western New York! I love working with high school and college seniors, musicians, and couples.

Fill out the form below to get started with your photo session with me!

"Karalyn and I have worked together on multiple projects for over a year now, and she's never short of professional and efficient. Her passion for music speaks for itself. She puts her heart and hard work into every artist, seeking their growth with her own.”
Dan Calderone
"Karalyn never fails to capture exactly what I am looking for. She is passionate about her work and the people she works with, which is extremely apparent through everything she does. Karalyn is a hard worker and an even better person to get to know."
Natalie Wilks
Photo Client
"After working with Karalyn a good amount of times in various photo shoots, music videos, or just behind the scenes help, I can honestly say that she always puts in the same great amount of passion, detail, and care into every project. No matter what it’s for, or the size of it. She’s a great person to know and a great person to work with.”
Jon Shackelton
“Karalyn Hope is an amazing photographer to work with. I’ve been taking photos with her for over half a decade and have loved each session with her. Talented, creative, and reliable, you’d be missing out if you didn’t hire her.”
Olivia Marie
Photo Client

The Process

Four easy steps to booking your next photo session with me!

  • Step One: Inquiry

    The first step into booking your photo session with me is to inquire! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page so I can get to know you, what you are looking for, and any questions that you may have about a photo session with me!

    After you fill out the form below, I'll send you my free welcome + investment guide! 

  • Step Two: Talking Session Details!

    This is the time when we will be discussing more details about your photo session like locations, outfits, and more!

    A free style guide will be provided for every session that is booked with me. We can even hop on the phone to talk about your dream photos!

  • Step Three: Photo Session Day!

    This is the day that we've been planning for! We will meet at the desired location, share a few laughs, and take some photos!

  • Step Four: Send Full Gallery

    The complete collection of your hand edited images will be delivered within 3 weeks of your photo session. You will be able to download, share, and order prints directly from your gallery!

Book Karalyn

If you would like to hire me for your next photo session, please fill out the form below with as much information as you can! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

After you send me a message, I’ll send you my free welcome and investment guide! This will help answer any further questions or concerns you might have about delivery, pricing, and customizable collections. This guide will help make you look and feel your best before, during, and after booking a session with me! 

Please note that lighting will play a factor in how your photos will look! I recommend shooting early in the morning, around sunrise or around the time of the sunset. Golden hour is such a wonderful time, especially for a senior session!

Photography Services Inquiry



I am Karalyn Hope! I’m a music and portrait photographer from Northeast Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. Read more about me on my about page here!

I always say that my clients will get their photos no later than two weeks after their session! This may change though, of course, if there is an event out of my control.

Basically, printing from my preferred lab guarantees that the color and quality is to your liking! Even though you do get print rights, I cannot guarantee that the print location you are shopping with will print your photos to your liking.

You have this option to license photos for print and/or commercial use! If you want a band promo pic or photo from your live set on your merchandise (shirt, poster, flag, etc.), contact me! All photos I take for you, unless discussed differently in the package, are for social media use only.

That is okay! If you are still serious about booking a photo session with me, let’s talk! I recommend filling out the contact form to see if we can discuss another customizable plan for you or a payment plan. If we are still not a good match, I will do my best to recommend you to another photographer in your area.
Well, that is great! If you would like to book more than the collection options that I have available, let me know! We can book two sessions (ex. one in the summer and one in the winter) or we can have an extended session (ex. three hours, three locations). It is possible! When filling out the contact form, just let me know your thoughts! You will also have an option to purchase more digitals.
Yes! This can be a separate photo session from your main one. Just contact me and we can sort out the details and price! It is a wonderful idea to capture you and your friends together.
Yes! Since one of my main focuses is live music photography, I have worked in low light situations multiple times. 
If you are still a little confused on if you want photos or not, don’t worry! Send me an email at and we can set up a phone or video call to discuss your options more! 

If you have another question that is not listed above, please include it when you fill out the contact form!