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7 High School Guy Senior Portrait Ideas

One of the most important parts of your senior year of high school is your photos! There are so many things that you can do when it comes to photographing your senior year! 

Even though it may be overwhelming, it is worth it. Trust me. Having your senior photos allows you the chance to look back on an important part of your teenage years. Most importantly, it allows you to express yourself! 

I think the most important tip that I can give any senior or parent of a senior is to truly take the time to reflect on your favorite things and to research poses and prompts. Even though your photographer will and should provide some basic ideas ideas, it is important to be able to share ideas and props to make your session successful. 

High school senior guys photo session ideas

7 Pose Ideas For Senior Guys

If you are a parent or a senior who is interested in learning some new inspiration, poses and prompts for your photo session, this is the place to be! I will be listing seven of my favorite prompts and poses as a photographer that are geared to a variety of interests. 

A lot of these poses, if not all of them, can be used for any senior. After reading this post, I would recommend viewing my list of pose ideas for girls

Let’s get started! 

1. Lean against a wall

Let’s start by looking at a popular yet effective pose! 

Not only are there so many types of walls, which will give you a variety of textures and emotions in your photos, it opens up a simple and comfortable pose for your senior! 

This photo was taken at Dale’s high school. It is an effective photo that also highlights the location of where he finished his senior year. 

2. Lean with the trees

This pose and prompt is great for any senior guy who has an interest in nature and/or a natural setting. Even though it is similar to leaning against a wall, it opens up a different environment and feeling. This photo below was taken at the end of August just before the leaves started to turn for the fall.

It is always important to keep time and date in mind while taking photos, especially if you want something specific like this. Many clients of mine has asked specifically for fall photos because they love the colors of the leaves! 

Leaning with trees can also be perfectly paired with sitting near the tree. These two combined makes a wonderful set of photos. 

3. Fix your watch, collar, and/or sleeves

This has to be one of my favorite prompts for senior guys. Similar to telling a girl to fix their hair or spin with their dress, this prompt allows natural movement into the post. I feel like it is a great pose to start with as well, as it helps the senior get comfortable with me being with my camera!

When you are looking for pose ideas, it’s important to think of your outfits! This pose is great for any guy who decides that one of their outfits should be more formal or “fancy.” 

After this photo session with Dan, he said that he had fun with this prompt! He said these were some of his favorite pictures. 

4. The Middle of the Road

Even though this is another popular scene and pose, I feel like it fits well. There are so many stories you can put with a road, even if you think they are popular. 

Along with this, if you do decide to take photos on the road, be safe! I would recommend having another person (parent or photographer assistant) with you to watch the traffic.

I also think that this pose and scene works great for seniors who have an interest in cars. It would be great to find a small and quiet road to take photos of the senior and their vehicle. 

Even though my client in this photo may not have had a large interest in cars, he still wanted to use the road.

Along with this pose, seniors, especially girls, may want to consider sitting or laying on the road! 

5. Rest against a fence

Just like leaning against a tree or wall, consider using a fence! I feel like this pose is common with some guys, and that is okay! It is a comfortable and natural pose. 

6. Include their favorite vehicle

Just like photos in the middle of the road, with or without a vehicle, actually taking photos in a vehicle is a great way to highlight the senior and their interests! 

There are many different angles and poses you can get while using a car but I loved this one in particular. 

This senior wanted to take some photos wearing formal clothes in one of his favorite cars. We also took the photos at a small and “vintage” gas station. You can kind of see the sign in the upper left of the photograph! 

Along with a car like this, maybe your senior would want to take photos with their truck or just at a similar “vintage” gas station! 

7. Sitting with a fence

Once again we have a fence! Instead of leaning up against a fence, or resting against it, consider sitting around it! 

In this photo, we decided to sit in front of the fence. I have to be honest, I loved this fence! The white looks fantastic against the green. It matches perfectly!

We also decided to do a natural sitting pose, with one leg up and one leg down. Even though we tried a variety of sitting styles, this one was the most comfortable and best looking for the senior! 

Are you ready to book your senior session? There are so many options, I know! 

Be sure that it highlights you and your favorite things. If you like fall, take photos in the fall. If you want your truck, take photos with your truck! Along with that, consider booking a photo session with your friends! 

If you are in the Northeast Pennsylvania and Upstate New York area, I would love to work with you! You can inquire about booking a session below.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below! 

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