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7 High School Girl Senior Portrait Ideas

One of the most important parts of your senior year of high school is your photos! There are so many things that you can do when it comes to photographing your senior year! 

Even though it may be overwhelming, it is worth it. Trust me. Having your senior photos allows you the chance to look back on an important part of your teenage years. Most importantly, it allows you to express yourself! 

I think the most important tip that I can give any senior or parent of a senior is to truly take the time to reflect on your favorite things and to research poses and prompts. Even though your photographer will and should provide some basic ideas ideas, it is important to be able to share ideas and props to make your session successful. 

High school senior girls photo session ideas

7 Pose Ideas For Senior Girls

If you are a parent or a senior who is interested in learning some new inspiration, poses and prompts for your photo session, this is the place to be! I will be listing seven of my favorite prompts and poses as a photographer that are geared to a variety of interests. 

A lot of these poses, if not all of them, can be used for any senior. After reading this post, I would recommend viewing my list of pose ideas for guys

Let’s get started! 

1. Head out into the water! Have some fun!

If you are a senior who enjoys adventures like hiking, kayaking, or canoeing, I recommend actually taking a trip in the water! 

Not only will it give you a chance to show you and your favorite activities, it is a pose and prompt that is unique and stands out from the rest! It is fun! 

I seriously can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this photo session! 

We spent about twenty to thirty minutes capturing a variety of photos like this. Even though it may have taken some time, it guaranteed that  the senior was safe and that I captured the perfect photos.  

If you are interested in taking photos like this, I would recommend having an assistant or parent with you to help! 

2. Lie down with your favorite book and/or journal

Just like hopping on a boat in the middle of a pond, using a journal, book, or other item really helps show the real you!

If books and journaling is of interest to you, maybe you would want to consider doing a photo shoot at your local coffee or bookshop rather than in nature. 

In this session, Olivia wanted to take a photo with one of her favorite books. At the same time, we brought along a journal where she scribbled for a few minutes. 

You can grab a variety of shots with a book and journal but lying down, just like this photo of Olivia below, is my favorite and fitting for the scene! 

3. Wear your varsity jacket

A lot of students who participate in school sports will usually buy a varsity jacket! This is such a great outfit option and prop for some of your photos! 

Like the photo below, you can wear it while leaning against a tree. I’ve also taken close up photos, photos of a senior walking with their jacket, holding their jacket, and more! 

Along with this, as you will see in pose idea number five, you should also consider incorporating your sports uniform and equipment! 

4. Close-up

One of my favorite types of photos for seniors is a close-up headshot! 

I was able to capture this senior at a closer angle with the perfect ‘golden hour’ glow in the back. 

Even though the photo is close up and you cannot see her whole outfit, I feel like it still shows a lot of personality. It is a great pose that allows more of a focus on the face, smile, and more. 

5. Rep your sports!

Similar to the varsity jacket photo above, there are so much you can do with sports! 

For this pose in particular, we decided to lay down on the soccer field with the soccer net, ball, her uniform and cleats. We introduced so many different soccer elements in one! 

Along with this, I also did some close up shots of her cleats, holding the soccer ball, and more. 

If your senior does not do sports, consider what you can do on the farm, with musical instruments, theater, and more. 

6. The middle of the road

Even though this is another popular scene and pose, I feel like it fits well. There are so many stories you can put with a road, even if you think they are popular. 

Along with this, if you do decide to take photos on the road, be safe! I would recommend having another person (parent or photographer assistant) with you to watch the traffic.

I also think that this pose and scene works great for seniors who have an interest in cars. It would be great to find a small and quiet road to take photos of the senior and their vehicle. 

Along with the lying down pose below, consider sitting in a variety of ways! I personally love this photo because of the green, blue, and yellow color scheme along with the negative space at the top! 

7. Join the field and/or flower patch

Similar to the photo I shared earlier with Olivia laying down in the field with her journal, it is possible to capture a more simple photo in your favorite field of flower or hay! 

Along with a wheat field like below, some other popular options may be a sunflower, corn, or tulip field! If you are more interested in farming, consider taking a photo with a haybale!

Pro tip: Be sure to make note of the weather and dates of when these types of fields will be in full blossom! Some are only in full blossom two to three weeks! 

Are you ready to book your senior session? There are so many options, I know! 

Be sure that it highlights you and your favorite things. If you like fall, take photos in the fall. Along with that, consider booking a photo session with your friends! 

If you are in the Northeast Pennsylvania and Upstate New York area, I would love to work with you! You can inquire about booking a session below.

Questions? Leave them below!

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